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Welcome to Tradelogic GmbH & Co.KG

We are a company specialising in providing continuing education for adults that is generally not publicly funded, but is offered to commercial enterprises, authorities, associations and individuals in the form of internal and open seminars.
Our main clients are very frequently larger continuing education providers such as academies and training institutes, on whose behalf and in whose name we deliver our seminars to end customers, but they also include corporate clients who have approached us directly and individuals who attend our open seminars (for example in the context of a training association).

Does this sound like a contradiction in itself, in which clients have to watch out to protect their customers and then end customers have to be concerned about their secrecy? Definitely not:

Our company has been in existence in the market for around 8 years and we maintain partnerships with many of our main clients going back a number of years, characterised by a high degree of openness and mutual trust. We openly address any possible conflicts of interest amongst our clients in advance. We would prefer to lose an order rather than damage the justified interests of one of our partners through our involvement. Our cooperation with some of our clients is based solely on verbal agreements. It has lasted until today – and we are very proud of that.

Our end customers have every right to be demanding in terms of the content and methods used to deliver our continuing education events: it is not unusual for their long- or medium-term success to be dependent on reliable and above all sustainable support from professional training providers for their personnel development measures. We are aware of and take account of this wherever possible.

The benefits to you as a client: Seminars of a somewhat different kind.

Even if the typical questions covered and the underlying theory of a particular seminar subject are comparable and sometimes even identical for our different clients, virtually none of our seminars are ‘off the shelf’.
We practically always discuss our continuing education measures individually in detail with the client and the participants in advance, and customise them to their particular needs. The design of our courses and coaching is characterised by central themes such as “experience-centred learning”: our behavioural training in particular offers participants access to the way they feel and act in specific participative situations, to enable meaningful reflection processes on the basis of their individual experiences.

The flexibility we are able to provide in terms of our clients’ wishes comes on the one hand from our large base of existing seminar themes and experience in the use of appropriate seminar methods, and on the other hand from our creative in-house development of new training units and thorough conceptual work. Now and again this gives rise to entirely new training approaches that are created totally individually for a particular client; these might as a result only be used on a single occasion, yet are felt by the participants to “hit the spot” perfectly. Our reward for this time-consuming route is the well above average feedback we receive from our clients.

 “Walk what you talk”:

Almost everyone is aware of the demand for lifelong learning as a necessary consequence of globalisation. A training provider that demands a willingness for continuous learning from its learners, but is scarcely able to demonstrate its own continuing education, will not only quickly lose its credibility, but also its sense of direction in the face of the major changes that take place in a highly dynamic environment such as that of adult education.
Modern-day educational theory is less about the ‘what’, and more about the ‘how’. As a result we are very familiar with current changes, such as the inclusion in adult education of systemic concepts, theories of empowerment and eLearning and their effects on personnel development.
We would be delighted to work together with you in future as well to answer your questions and queries on continuing education for your clients and employees - as your chosen training service provider.